Saturday, March 22, 2014

Shou.MX for iPhone&iPad!


These days, we are living in Flappy-Mania! Every day there is a new tap-to-flap game that tries to make it stand itself out from the crowd. They are all addictive, but few are successful. The more successful ones take the original theme and expand upon it, making the game more enjoyable, playable and brings some unique twists along the way. Shou.MX, is a game featuring El Pollito Nuclear, a Dominican Hero born with vision issues remedied by a cybernetic implant in his head. This implant is responsible for the .MX suffix of Shou’s name.

GiveMeApps - The App Mall (Blogspot Page): Shou.MX for iPhone&iPad!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Codename: Freestyle, the first GI Joe figure of Dominican origin

I present to you the newest member of the famous GI Joe franchise: code name "Freestyle". Freestyle joins other legendary characters from the series like Snake Eyes, Duke, Flint, Lady Jade and Scarlett. The aventures of this elite team have been immortalized by Larry Hama in the Marvel comic book series and the recent new edition of IDW. The Joes have achieved international upturn thanks to the success of the recent movie, GI Joe: Retaliation, with revenues of 51M dollars in the United States and in foreign 82M.

The "real" Identity of Freestyle is Jocelyn De La Vega, the first GI Joe figure of Dominican origin. He joined the Air Force after being inspired since childhood by the acrobatic maneuvers of his father, a taxi driver in New York. As always, presumably for legal reasons, Jocelyn is not related to any real-life person and any similarity is just a coincidence. However it is known that the creator of the mythology of G.I. Joe, Larry Hama, used his fellow soldiers in Vietnam and Korea as inspiration. Possibly Jocelyn was based on Maria Tejada Quintana captain who holds the title of being the first fighter pilot in the Dominican Republic. I leave it to the reader's imagination any opinion after seeing the photos of the captain and Jocelyn.

Jocelyn uses a uniform similar to that of the Dominican Air Force and also has his helmet painted with the flag of the Dominican Republic.

This figure is exclusive and limited to only 1000 at the annual  G.I. Joe Collectors Club Convention  currently being held in Indianapolis.

Thanks to the organizers of the 2013 G.I. Joe Collectors Club Convention, this is a recognition of Dominican women and our country!

More photos of the Freestyle figure:

More photos of Capitan Tejada:

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bubble Bug Blaster Tap n Smash Bugs and Ants Free

Bubble Bug Blaster Tap n Smash Bugs and Ants Free
Save all the Bugs (Ants, Beetles, Wasps, Ladybugs, etc.)
Of an impending Insolation!

Bubble Bug Blaster gives you a fun, simple and creative way to relax

Save all the Bugs of an impending Insolation!

A series of bubbles have trapped our friends insects. These bubbles, yet unknown origin, are endangering the lives of the insects of this beautiful place.

Be the Hero and relax with this fun and intuitive game, tap to save the Bugs of the same species in a row to earn additional points.

☆ Beautiful graphics and designs
☆ Relaxing soundtrack
☆ Simple, fun and intuitive
☆ Combos and power-ups
☆ Infinite number of levels
☆ Kids and family friendly gameplay
☆ Green nature Gameplay
☆ Earn your medals of Bronze, Silver and Gold!
☆ Online leader-boards
☆ Invite and challenge your Facebook friends
☆ Invite and challenge your Twitter friends
☆ OpenFeint enabled game

If you like games like Ant Smash, Ant Smasher, Bubble TapTap, Bloz HD, Fruit Ninja, Tap Tap Ants, TargetTap.You'll love this game!

Welcome to the next generation of Fun Power By PluckerEngine 2.0!

Bubble Bug Blaster on iTunes App Store

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Soundtrack: Don't Wanna Be A Rapsta(r) By Christiaan Bakker

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Arstechnica: Steve Jobs: February 24, 1955 - October 5, 2011

Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, father of the Macintosh and the brains behind the wild success of the iPod, iPhone, and iPad, has passed away, Apple has confirmed on its website. He was 56.
Jobs was the adopted son of a Mountain View, CA couple and grew up in Cupertino, the city where Apple is now based. He met his longtime friend and fellow Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak when he was 16 years old thanks to an introduction from a mutual friend. That was in 1971—years before the two roped in a couple more friends to begin working on their first computers for Apple.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Halloween Plucker: My First Game for iPhone, iPad & iPod

Here is my first Game for iOS: Halloween Plucker

Halloween Plucker is Tap Action Game with simple mechanics. Touch multiples Halloween monster as fast as you can to avance every single wave. Of course you have 9 Cat lives to survive. Test your SPEED and earn your medals of Bronze, Silver and Gold!

50+ points = Bronze
100+ points = Silver
500+ points = GOLD!!!

Enjoy the Halloween Season with Halloween Plucker!

Send your Hi Score and Feedback to me a email

Download for iOS:

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New App for iOS: Wright Brothers

Another week, a new App: Wright Brothers

Learn about the history of aviation and the Wright Brothers lives. This application contains historical data about his life and projects that managed to put the man in the sky on a stable flight.

Wright Brothers By Francis Zorrilla on iTunes AppStore

Monday, September 19, 2011

My new Apps LHC Info Browser and Bio: George Washington

Here are my two new Applications for iOS (iPhone, iPhone and iPod):

The first is LHC Info Browser is a reference to the largest scientific experiment in the world, the Large Hadron Collider. The LHC accelerates particles THROUGH 3 circles of different diameters (the largest 27 km) at nearly the speed of light. The result of this coalition are used to investigate the behavior of particle physics and show existing theories of the universe as if there are more than 3 dimensions, the black holes, anti matter, and so on. The application also allows real-time view of the state of the experiments carried out at the LHC.

LHC Info Browser on iTunes

The second application for iOS (iPhone, iPhone and iPod) continues the line of "Pocket History", on this occasion we have the biography of the father of North American nation and first U.S. president George Washington.

Bio: George Washington